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Thursday, 2006-09-21; 00:45:00

More highlights of past articles I've written on AppleXnet
Tuesday, 2005-03-01; 22:54:00

Woes-o-plenty and tips-o-plenty
Tuesday, 2005-02-22; 02:43:00

How to get a cut and paste feature in the Finder, and other tips
Tuesday, 2005-02-15; 01:58:00

More reader questions answered, Mac OS X screenshot tips
Monday, 2005-02-07; 23:46:00

One reader has trouble with the iTunes Music Store; Keychain Access and menu extra tips
Tuesday, 2005-02-01; 19:50:00

More questions answered, more little tips
Tuesday, 2005-01-25; 20:40:00

Question Time reader questions are answered, with some bonus iTunes tips
Sunday, 2005-01-16; 01:44:00

Inaugural article of Question Time, my former column at AppleXnet
Wednesday, 2004-10-13; 15:32:00

A rebuttal to the common argument against an OS X upgrade price
Wednesday, 2004-08-25; 00:23:00

iPod retains simplicity while gaining useful, new features
Sunday, 2004-07-04; 03:56:00

Gameplay, graphics, levels, and music are all very entertaining and well put together; upgrade to Gold version forces replay of old levels
Thursday, 2004-06-24; 03:30:00

Squabble is a unique, fast-paced word game that's sure to have you scrambling for words up until the last second.
Monday, 2004-06-14; 02:30:00

Polishing requires lots of work, but the polished iPod is worth it.
Saturday, 2004-05-15; 13:44:00

The ups and downs of repair service from Apple
Thursday, 2004-04-22; 23:02:00

Why cell phones, PDAs, music players, laptops, and desktops will all stay separate
Wednesday, 2004-03-31; 20:46:00

Any updates to the PowerBook could be delayed for at least 6 months
Thursday, 2004-03-25; 00:40:00

Yet another Ambrosia title makes a splash by building on top of a classic game genre
Tuesday, 2004-03-02; 22:16:00

Tranquil ambience makes Mahjong Solitaire clone easy to get lost in, difficult to master
Friday, 2004-02-20; 14:35:00

In response to Mac OS X usability complaints...
Monday, 2004-02-09; 23:46:00

Some suggestions for improvement based on my experiences
Tuesday, 2004-01-27; 19:12:00

Why piracy is different, and what to do about it
Friday, 2004-01-09; 23:13:00

Panther on the earliest compatible Mac
Tuesday, 2003-12-30; 01:24:00

A runthrough of great Mac games, both new and old, and how to get them running smoothly on modern Macs
Friday, 2003-12-19; 02:03:00

Why Apple's integration is allowed, and Microsoft's isn't.
Monday, 2003-12-08; 14:49:00

Recent editorials have surfaced as to why Apple should resurrect the cube: only one scenario will ever come true.
Thursday, 2003-11-13; 18:01:00

The news about MyTunes is overhyped
Monday, 2003-11-10; 21:22:00

A new compression format is taking the Mac by storm.
Friday, 2003-10-31; 00:04:00

Why Apple needs to start offering upgrade prices
Sunday, 2003-10-26; 20:55:00

Did Apple really ripoff Proteron's product?
Tuesday, 2003-10-07; 18:39:00

Does Apple stand to benefit from Motorola's semiconductor spinoff?
Tuesday, 2003-09-30; 00:24:00

Can Apple keep its competitors at bay with the iPod and iTunes?
Monday, 2003-09-22; 23:42:00

Wednesday, 2003-09-17; 00:07:00

AppleScript Studio Tutorial #2
Thursday, 2003-08-21; 23:33:00

AppleScript Studio Tutorial #1