Linkable Supernova!

Monday, 2006-08-21; 05:21:00

OK, so I'm gonna do it. Let's see how it works out. Linkable Supernova! (Now serving up green, as well as blue and red! It's all part of the Supernova RGB family!) I've been holding on to that first link for a few weeks now. L.S. will likely be very frequently updated, but we'll see.

A few notes are in order. First, the stylesheet switcher only has green stylesheets, but if you like red or blue, you can get them by simply typing in "javascript:setActiveStyleSheet('Red Right Nav');" into the location bar of your browser, where you replace "Red" with your desired color and "Right" with your desired navbar position. These settings will be saved in a cookie as well, just like always.

L.S. pretty much looks like T.S. and E.S. at this point except for the green tinting, but I might experiment a bit with some new stylesheets and/or features. (If anyone knows a standards-compliant way to get the HTML source to a URL -- this will work since it's going to be on the same domain and won't be subject to security restrictions -- then I could implement the ten recent entries list. A lot of the things I've found around the web only work with IE.) One thing I'm toying around with is a way to hide the navbar altogether, which would make the L.S. page look cleaner.

Also, I think I've figured out a way to unify the templates of all three (well, four, if you count the Italian version of E.S.) weblogs, so this'll make me able to roll out new features across all three weblogs much faster. Watch for the stylesheet buttons to finally migrate to E.S. I'll also remove the blue stylesheet buttons for T.S., but rest assured that if you like blue, you will be able to use the same hint above for T.S. as for L.S. Heh, I make it seem like I'm some high profile weblog or something.

Furthermore, I'm not entirely sure if I'll put categories in for L.S., but I'm leaning towards yes. For one, it would facilitate finding things if you ever want to link/refer to them. It'll also allow me to "commission" some more grayscale category images from my friend, too. ;) And speaking of which, E.S. now gets rid of those filched-from-the-internet category images and replaces them with grayscale ones like the ones here. Yay!

I also have an idea of how to do embedded comments, but it's a kludgy hack. I determined that it was impossible via JavaScript, because it requires me to access attributes of a page that is not on my domain, which is denied for security reasons in most well-behaved browsers. I still haven't figured out how to do it via CSS, either. So my idea is to implement a script that would visit all the comment pages, note their heights, write them to a text file, and upload that. Then JavaScript for each entry page could easily just retrieve the heights and use that. As I said, kludgy, but it would be nice to have embedded comments. I'll test it out, anyway.

Finally, I'm going to do some tweaks so that if you want to have JavaScript disabled, it'll look a bit better. It doesn't look bad right now, but I haven't been putting <noscript> tags around in the source when I probably should.

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