On the iPhone's Lack of Support for Custom Ringtones

Tuesday, 2007-07-31; 22:50:00

So I'm reading through MacWorld's "wish list" for hardware/software updates for the iPhone, and I come across the oft-repeated desire for custom ringtones on the iPhone.

Please, please, Apple, for the sake of sanity, don't add this feature to the iPhone. Custom ringtones are the single most obnoxious thing in the whole world. Custom ringtones are lame, they're a stupid attempt at self-expression, and they're just annoying.

I really don't give a crap that your favorite song is Baby Got Back, or that you think it's so spectacularly cool to have The Simpsons' theme song on your cell phone; I don't want to hear it. Is your ego so fragile that you think a ringtone is going to make everybody else around you think you're cool? Is having a normal, tolerable ringtone that actually sounds like a telephone too much to ask?


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