Dot Comments 1.0b1

Tuesday, 2006-09-12; 05:16:00

Hey, look!

Dot Comments Icon
Dot Comments is an application that allows you to use .mac's commenting service with your weblog editor of choice. What? You haven't heard that .mac includes a commenting service? It's not exactly an advertised feature.

If you have a .mac account, publish a weblog on your iDisk, and want to use .mac comments, then you're in luck. Dot Comments 1.0b1, hot off the press! It also comes with a tutorial on how to setup your weblog for using .mac comments, complete with JavaScript code and HTML markup snippits.

(Random funny tidbit: I considered naming it ".comments" to match ".mac", but that posed a significant problem. Whenever the program was built using Xcode, it was rendered invisible because it has a period at the start of the name. So "Dot Comments" it is!)

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