Leopard Tech Talk, San Francisco

Friday, 2006-12-01; 02:19:00

Leopard Tech Talk, anyone?

So, this is a really late note, but if anyone's going to the Leopard Tech Talk in San Francisco tomorr today, and wants to meet up with a hobbyist Cocoa developer, it might be cool to have lunch or go to a couple sessions with someone else.

Send me an e-mail (see sidebar) or leave a comment, I'll be checking all day. I may have a cell phone to facilitate meeting up, but e-mail will be more reliable.

I hope that Apple isn't going to screw me over: I signed up for the San Francisco session the day sign-ups became available, but I never received a confirmation e-mail. I sent a request to the ADC workshops support e-mail, and received a response twice saying that they would send me a confirmation e-mail (implying that I do have a spot in the conference), but I still haven't received it. I just checked my junk mail folder, too, and I don't see the e-mail. So here's hoping I can still get in.

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