Smallish TidyWeblogger Update

Wednesday, 2008-12-10; 03:31:23

lots of recent development

Just a quick little note to say that I’ve managed to refactor my TidyWeblogger code so that it now handles multiple weblogs. All Supernovas (well, except the Italian translation, which I think I am retiring) can now be published from my app, which is good news. I may even bring Linkable Supernova back from the dead. I’ve missed it.

Things that will happen in the near future:

  • another refactoring because the way I’m using NSArrayController is wrong, and it’s kind of appalling that I managed to get it to work anyway
  • control of the sidebar via templates
  • republishing of all individual entry pages when doing a Publish All (currently, all that is recreated are the index.html, rss.xml, and category pages)
  • fix a bug where comments don’t automatically get enabled if the first publish fails
  • fix a bug where publishing an entry for the first time doesn’t update the publish date in the main list of entries

Yay? Here’s a screenshot:

TidyWeblogger Main Window Screenshot

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