TuneTagger 1.0!

Monday, 2007-03-19; 02:07:00

It's finally released.

Well, it's finally out. Phew. First conceived of in 2004, TuneTagger has literally been three years in the making. I first wrote about it on this very weblog almost two years ago, and after a number of interface revamps (which you can see chronicled through a few various weblog entries), I've perfected it and squashed most of the bugs so that it's a genuinely useful and non-crashy program.

I'm actually kind of surprised that no one's gone out and pre-empted me in the release of a similar utility. Sure, iTunes debuted the ability to download album art from the iTunes Store in iTunes 7, but that's only one aspect of what TuneTagger does (and it still finds some artwork when iTunes doesn't). TuneTagger has been invaluable to me in my time in using it, so I hope that anyone out there who decides to use it and buy it feels similarly. I try to develop products that I would genuinely use, and TuneTagger has exceeded my expectations in that respect.

So yeah, go check it out, download it, try it out, buy it (heh heh), and let me know what you think. Feel free to comment here, or shoot me an e-mail. I'll be happy to address any issues/suggestions/bugs you have with the product.

There's one other thing that I wanted to mention before going to bed: my icon designers. When I posted this ridiculous entry showing off my wonderful graphics skills, Peter Hosey graciously stepped in and provided me with some slick icons that now have a permanent spot in my menubar (and hopefully some of yours, too). Take a look, in 3x their usual glory:

TuneTagger menubar stampTuneTagger menubar buttons

They're beautiful, minimalistic, black-and-white buttons that look damn great. And they're vector-based art as well, so these icons are already all ready for the jump to interface independence in Leopard.

So, hats off to Peter.

And of course, kudos also go to my longtime icon designer and longtime friend, Bryce. He's created all of the icon art for all of my previous applications and their toolbar icons, and he created the icons in TuneTagger as well as the images for the buttons in TuneTagger's opener window. Oh, yeah, and the graphics that allow me to create the TuneTagger backgrounds and buttons on the fly as well. Here are the icons in their full glory:

TuneTagger app icon
TuneTagger Controller Icon TuneTagger Approval Panel Icon TuneTagger Lyrics Panel Icon TuneTagger Star

Mmm, again, beautiful, minimalistic, black-and-white (well, except for the main icon, but it looks great in color). I love them. Thanks again go to Bryce for those wonderful icons as well.

And with that, now that TuneTagger has been launched, I think I'm going to get a good night's sleep. :)

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