Built-in iSight

Friday, 2005-11-18; 02:08:00

As much as I like having a built-in iSight with my new iMac G5, it creeps me out that I can't have a physical way of blocking the camera from being able to look at me. With an external iSight, you could twist the rim of the camera and three thin, white barriers would converge and block off the camera. Not so with the internal iSight of the iMac G5, and that wiggs me out a bit. I know that there's no virus or anything that allows someone to snoop on me, but I just feel more comfortable having the camera physically blocked when I'm not using it.

... so I've put a folded piece of paper over the top of my iMac. Works fine, even if it's a little unsightly. I need to find a more elegant-looking way to do this, though...

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