Funky OBJ Char Update

Monday, 2005-11-28; 01:38:00

Apparently my analysis is "good", but not good enough. Supposedly the number of steps I used to create that funky OBJ char clipping weren't "minimal", and the hint Sven gives isn't helping too much. See the discussion over at Sven's weblog.


All right, the solution is…


…quite simple really. I accidentally ran into this a few times and thought it was really odd. It’s one of those things that turn out to be quite logical and look like a clean design but just aren’t very useful.

To reproduce it you need a Mail message with an attachment. Usually you’ll just drag the attachment to the desktop and be done. But from time to time you might miss the icon by a pixel or so when wanting to click it and then drag the mouse onto the icon. That will select the file in the sense of a text selection. If you then try again and drag the icon to the desktop, you won’t drag the attachment but text with the inline attachment.

It seems like Mail textually represents those inline attachments by the ‘Object Replacement Character’, which might exist for that very purpose. So technically you’re just dragging a single character of text.

As I said, this is very logical but it’s also not very convenient.

The next question would be where exactly the glyph seen in the Finder comes from.

Oh, yeah, and his comments system? It actually supports Markdown. Awesome! (Yes, it said it right there in front of me. :P )

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