iMac G5 Memory Redux

Tuesday, 2005-11-29; 01:53:00

You know that whole hubbub about whether I should buy a 1 GiB memory module or a 512 GB module pair for my iMac G5? Well, with my "iMac G5 (iSight)" -- that's its official name by the way -- the problem has become moot. With the upgrade, Apple eliminated a RAM slot. Note that it's not as bad as it seems, because 512 MB of memory is now soldered on to the motherboard. Since the iMac comes standard with 512 MB of RAM, the RAM slot actually ships empty. So ordering a 1 GB module will put me up at 1.5 GB RAM total. And since there's only one slot, there's no use worrying about whether RAM will use the faster 128-bit pathway or not. (I do wonder, though, if you get the 128-bit pathway if you install an appropriate 512 MB module in the free slot.)

So... I ordered a 1 GB module today. From OWC, grand total: $93.45. Not too bad, considering that the last time I ordered third-party RAM was a 512 MB module for my G4 cube which cost around $100 too, if I remember correctly.

Out of swapping hell here I come! (With my usage, I typically have very close to 0 MB of memory free, and over 256 MB active. This slows even my new iMac G5 to a crawl sometimes, so I'll be soon glad to have the extra memory. A whole half gig more than I used to have, even!)

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