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Friday, 2003-07-18; 19:38:00

An entry clarifying what's up with my bout with RSI.

I guess the gap between today's post and the last post I made wasn't that much bigger than usual. So sue me.

Anyway, the Monday of last week (July 7), I woke up with a really bad aching in my upper arms, and if I massaged them a bit or pulled back my hand far enough, pain would shoot up my arm. Needless to say, not good at all.

Miraculously, I actually set up a doctor's appointment for the very same day! That doesn't happen often. The doctor said that it really was only a mild case of tendonitis, but that I should try to stop doing what was causing the problem (i.e.: typing) for a while. He also prescribed some anti-inflammatory pills.

The day before I had also ordered some Imak Smart Gloves, and I received them last Friday. After a week of using them both at home and at work (I confess I haven't really been not typing all that much... or should I say, I HAVE been typing a lot), the pain has gone down considerably. Not totally, but considerably. Which is good.

I wonder if it's going to get better to the point where I can continue type as much as I did before. I just hope that this isn't the beginning of a really bad, ongoing problem. If that turns out to be the case, I might have to look into speech recognition technology. And right now, I don't really have confidence in those software products, you know?

Well, I should REALLY stop typing (but everyone knows I'm really not going to even after finishing this post), so I'll sign off for the day.

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