Program to Mount Old Disk Images?

Saturday, 2005-12-17; 02:12:00

Stupid Disk Utility.

Oh yeah, here's another problem I've been having recently: I have two old images that have a regular ".img" filename extension on them, but Mac OS X won't mount them if you double-click them. (The kind is "NDIF disk image", the type code is "rohd" and the creator code is "Wrap".) It brings up a dialog box saying that it doesn't recognize the format of the disk images. What other (free, please) utilities will perhaps mount a disk image like this? If it runs under Classic, that's perfectly fine. (And yes, I've tried using Disk Copy for the Classic Mac OS.)

I thought that maybe ShrinkWrap would do it, but the Classic installer fails, and plus, doesn't Stuffit Expander have ShrinkWrap technology built-in to it?

Sad Disk Image

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