Strange Recollections

Wednesday, 2005-06-01; 10:50:00

OK this is just weird. I was just browsing through some RSS feeds in Safari 2.0, and I came across one involving Quicksilver. This sparked a vivid memory of having Quicksilver in my Applications folder, looking at it in column view, and realizing that Quicksilver had a cool little "ß10" in subscript next to its name in the Finder window. That is, the "ß10" badge wasn't in the icon, it was tacked on to the end of the actual filename. I remember looking at it, wondering how in the world it did that, getting info on Quicksilver and revealing the "Name and Extension" section and seeing that the name of the application was clearly "" even though it showed "ß10" in subscript in column view.

The thing is, I went to my Applications folder as soon as I remembered that, and found that Quicksilver wasn't even installed on my computer. It couldn't possibly have been from one of the laptops that I often use at home, because to my knowledge I've never installed Quicksilver on those comps either. Just in case, I downloaded Quicksilver to my comp here, but there was no cool "ß10" subscript in the app's name in column view.


Did I have a dream about looking at a Finder window in column view and opening an info window on Quicksilver? That's gotta take the cake for the most specific dream I've ever had.

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