Tiger! Tiger! Tiger!

Monday, 2005-04-18; 03:08:00

Antsy! Antsy! Antsy!

Oh. My. God. I am so antsy for Tiger! I don't know why... I just really like installing something new, and nothing makes me more antsy than having a shiny, new operating system in less than two weeks. I really can't wait for Spotlight and Dashboard, and all the numerous really small improvements that you can see here. (Support for PDF forms and encryption in preview! System-wide .mac sync, including keychain synching! QuickTime 7 with H.264! New Mail! Safari 2.0! So much stuff!)

I already pre-ordered, for $69 since I'm a student. Mmmm.. almost 1/2 off... *drools like Homer*. Get here faster, Friday, April 29!

Tiger... Antsy... Ants... Anteaters... OK, heh, I need to go to bed. No need to continue that word association.

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