"Tender" Lyrics

Friday, 2005-11-18; 01:59:00

Can't watch you break
And shatter
New lives to make
Us better

I'm letting you know
Cleansing my soul
Been letting you know
For days

Turn over everything
Time can heal us again
I'm tender in your arms
Reaching inside of me
Bringing the love I need
The loneliness has gone

"Tender", da Feeder. (The song isn't on the iTMS, unfortunately.)

At first I thought this song was of the "Christian rock" genre, but now I don't think that it is -- the words are vague enough that maybe they're talking about god, but the description in iTunes doesn't say that this group is Christian rock, and not even a quick Google search says that it is. In any case, I really like this song.

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