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Friday, 2006-06-30; 02:28:00

As I previously wrote, I enrolled in a drawing class last quarter. The following 18 images are photos of my drawings, made with india ink. I think they're interesting, because the last drawings are very different from the first ones. (I like the last ones much better.) In about five weeks, the way in which I made the drawings was completely transformed. (You can click on the drawings to see them at full size.)

At the beginning, I was using ink everywhere, and as such, I couldn't draw details of the lighting or of the body.

India Ink Drawing 1 India Ink Drawing 2 India Ink Drawing 3 India Ink Drawing 4 India Ink Drawing 5

Here, in the sixth drawing, you can see that it was the first in which I used a little bit of space, instead of using ink everywhere. However, as you can see, the ones after that are more like my first drawings.

India Ink Drawing 6 India Ink Drawing 7 India Ink Drawing 8 India Ink Drawing 9 India Ink Drawing 10 India Ink Drawing 11 India Ink Drawing 12

Here, I returned to using a little bit of space.

India Ink Drawing 13

Then, I started to use thinner lines. I really like these last five drawings, especially the last: I started to try to make small lines as opposed to making them all long.

India Ink Drawing 14 India Ink Drawing 15 India Ink Drawing 16 India Ink Drawing 17 India Ink Drawing 18

The reason for which I made a bigger version of the House of Stairs for my final drawing was because I really liked Escher's drawings, and I wanted to try using "mutilated" perspective. (The only rule for the final drawing was that it had to be big. A few students did imaginative drawings which weren't large versions of a photo or of another drawing. However, Prof. Chagoya said to enlarge something if we couldn't find anything else to do.) The book "The Magic Mirror of M.C. Escher" was useful, because it explained a bit of the method to make the House of Stairs.

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