Simone History Quiz Hints

Monday, 2003-08-04; 07:30:00

This entry is for those of you who are still having trouble with the quiz.

So you've only got one (or four) of the answers to the quiz, eh? Hah, and you think you know me. Pff!

Well, here are some hints. They probably won't help, but here they are anyway. :) I'll leave in the hints for the already answered ones, too.

1. He's big and pink.

2. This pop-ish band also likes to use unconventional instruments in their songs, like violins.

3. This is a bit of a trick question.

4. No, it didn't have any color capabilities.

5. He didn't go to LAHS.

6. No, it wasn't in the Bay Area.

7. It's probably longer than you think.

8. Besides the U.S. and Canada, they're all in Europe.

9. There probably should be quotes around the word "read". While I indeed read the book, I probably didn't understand what I was reading. It's set in medieval times.

10. It's later than you think. Probably, anyway.

11. It has to do with, surprise surprise, computers!

12. His grandfather's last name is one of the names in a big computer company.

13. No, it wasn't Bomberman, and no, it wasn't Life.

14. I was pretty young.

15. First letters of the last names, not necessarily in order: S, R/C, K, R, H, L/A . The ones with two letters correspond to the teachers whose names changed while I was still in elementary school but in a higher grade (also not necessarily in order).

16. It used 5 1/2" floppies, when we used it anyway.

17. Two words. One corresponded to my first name, one to my last. Both words describe something that could be used as a weapon (not that that's supposed to have any bearing on MY character :p ).

18. One means "whiner" in Italian, and the other is named after an opera singer.

19. His Hotline server used to be probably the second place to which newbies went, although not necessarily the second most popular.

20. 1027. Oh, come on, if this hint doesn't just give away the answer, then that's pathetic!

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