Rare Creature Sighting

Wednesday, 2003-07-30; 07:21:00


[EDIT: It's come to my attention that I initially used the incorrect plural form of the word "sharitay". The correct form is "sharitai", pronounced sharr-ee-teye, not "sharitays".]

Today I was gifted with one of the most amazing things that I have ever seen. I was finally rewarded with a glimpse of the rare and elusive creature that is known as the sharitay. After dutifully watching a known habitat for just a few seconds twice each day (it is fairly well known in animal-watching circles that the sharitay is a timid creature and will most definitely not appear if its habitat is constantly watched for a long period of time), I was finally rewarded with a few second sighting.

Little is known about the sharitay. It is very rarely ever seen, and even when it is, it is usually just a glimpse; there have been no records ever that document a sighting that is longer than a few seconds. Indeed, any person who would claim such a sighting would probably be laughed at and summarily dismissed (although brave persons still sometimes make this claim). Very few details about the sharitay are known either: it is said to have black, long hair, but that is about the only known detail. Curiously, all sighted sharitai seem to be of the female gender. Perhaps even more perplexing is the fact that some people say that this timid creature is photographed and documented in ancient, priceless treasures called yeerbeuks, which also contain photos of other rare creatures, such as the hyperactive joon; however, the existence of such yeerbeuks has never been verified. The only other documented note about the sharitay is that when it is seen outside of its natural habitat, it is almost always with another unusually rare creature called an eevoh.

The only recent event surrounding the research of the sharitay is the first picture in the March 24, 2003 entry on this page [WARNING: Potential offensive material], which is rumored to be a sharitay by someone known only as "edixope". However, given that the creature shown in this picture has blonde hair, rather than black hair, it is unlikely to be a genuine picture (not to mention the fact that "edixope" has never publicly revealed him/herself).

The very interesting thing about my sighting today (of which I can unfortunately not show a picture, given that I do not currently possess an appropriate light-capture device -- however, given my expertise with sharitai, I have no doubt that people will take this report as genuine) is that it is one of the rare times that a sharitay has been observed in its natural habitat. When I glimpsed the sharitay today, it was tending the garden around its habitat by watering the plants: this is a highly unusual activity for a sharitay to participate in, and has never before been observed. Details, of course, are lacking even in this report, however, due to the timid nature of the sharitay which necessitates the need to watch for only brief intervals of time.

I hope to further my research of this mysterious and glamorous creature (and perhaps someday interact with it); please watch this page for further reports of my observations of this specific sharitay habitat.

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