Busy week

Wednesday, 2003-10-22; 12:35:00

This week is really busy, and I haven't even gotten through half of it!

[EDIT 2: Oh, yeah, I also have to go home and actually get all the stuff I need for the geo trip this weekend. Another thing to put on the to-do list. The mini-lab practical for GES 80 went pretty well, today, though. Tonight I need to get those geo problem sets done, though.]

[EDIT: I did forget to mention, however, that I managed to get a full 12 hours of sleep last night (Monday night). I had gotten 5.5 hours the night before, though, so it evened out to 8.75 hours of sleep, which is only a bit over my sleep need. I should go to bed at 10:30 every Monday/Wednesday night -- fat chance THAT'll happen.]

Ugh, I'm already stressing out about a bunch of stuff, and it's only for this week.

I just finished a math problem set that's due tomorrow (or today, such that it is) at 5, but I have to turn it in at 9 AM because I basically have no time for the rest of the day to finish it (see my class schedule). I finished all but one of the problems, but I think I fudged a few -- that shouldn't be a big deal. I also finished my geo lab that's due tomorrow at 5, as well.

The thing is, though, that I have to study for the tiny lab practical that's going to take 10 minutes at the start of geo lab tomorrow. We basically have to identify five minerals that we saw in the previous lab, and identifying them is HARD, especially when you really only get 3-5 hours with about 20 minerals. That means I have to study the lab that I'm going to turn in tomorrow, and I have class from 9-12 AM and lab at 1 PM. Arg.

Then I have to start on my geo problem sets which are both due on Friday, especially because I've been getting into a habit of starting my GES 80 labs on Thursday night, and I always have questions on them. That means I have to bug the T.A.s that day, which I really shouldn't since they don't have office hours then. So I want to be able to go in on Thursday to get all my questions answered, which means I should have the majority of them done by tomorrow night.

I also have to find a few papers on the GSA meeting that I'm supposed to do a mini-lecture on for GES 4, and then I also have to actually go and get them copied, and give to my professor by Monday morning. And for Italian class, I have a take-home midterm that's being given out on Thursday, and it's due by Tuesday, no excuses taken (even sickness, she said, since we have the whole weekend to do it).

Since I'm going on a GES 80 field trip for the weekend, that means that I'll have to do a bunch of my Italian midterm, but likely I'll procrastinate and leave it to Monday night, which would be bad. I also have to see if I can get a few clarifications on some of the relevant historical stuff for the midterm. (We just finished reading Dante's Inferno.) The GES 80 field trip also means that I'll have to get all the copies of the papers for GES 4 by Friday night, since I won't have any time at all during the weekend to do that, and likely none on Sunday night since I believe Branner library is closed then.

And I also have a math midterm on Friday at 9 AM. That means I should get to sleep early on Thursday night.

See how hectic this week is? I was hoping to play with Panther a bit. :( Maybe I will be able to on Friday night. And all this work is sort of par for the course, except for the field trip and midterms. Taking 19 units really *IS* time consuming. Ah, well... I think I can handle it. I have so far. :)

As for next quarter, I'm hoping to be able to fit some other elective classes into the mix, but I fear I won't be able to, just like this quarter. I should continue the GES 130 series and the Italian literature series, which means I would be taking GES 131 (5 units) and Italian 128 (4 units). I also absolutely *MUST* take Chemistry next quarter, which means I would be taking Chem 31M (4 units). I would like to continue taking math in order to keep my double-major option open there, which would mean another 3 units (but the work is usually more like 5 units, especially if it's a hard math class like 120 and 121 were last year). That adds up to 16 units already. If I take the Italian seminar class as well (which I have to take either winter or spring, in addition to this quarter), that's another 2, so I'm up to 18 already and won't have time for anything else. If I decide to take the seminar class in the spring, then I may have room for a small class -- could Japanese or drawing fit in there? I dunno. It would basically be the same work as this quarter, given the similarity of the classes that I would be taking.

... and looking at my rest-of-Stanford plan, it looks like I'll have to take GES 90 (3-4 units) if I want to go to Italy next autumn. So that means I pretty much won't have time for any electives next quarter. :(

In spring, I'll be taking GES 110, GES 185, and GES 190, which adds up to 9 units. Plus Italian, plus math, equals 16 units. Plus Italian seminar equals 18 units (since given the above, I probably won't be able to take the Italian seminar during Winter quarter). No time for electives. :(

Looks like I have a busy year ahead of me. And I have to think about internships/field camp for this summer, and a potential honors thesis that should really be under way by this spring. *sigh*

Sorry for dragging you all through this rant and layout of my year. It's just that it really sucks that the pressures of graduating are starting to really limit the options I have in choosing classes. Boo.

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