Short Tidbits: Biking, E-Mail, Politics

Tuesday, 2003-09-02; 07:50:00

Just a short entry, since I'm so tired.

-- Soooo tired. Biking 40 minutes each way to work is difficult, but when added to the fact that my legs were already sore since I did a bit of running on the beach yesterday, I can barely move around without my legs hurting a lot. Arg.

-- What was with the four sheep that I saw on the way to work today? They were grazing at the back of Gunn High School's field, but I didn't see any obvious owner (there was one lady, but she didn't look like the owner), and no obvious place from where the sheep could have escaped. Ah, well.

-- Grr. I set up my links in the help files of my programs to put a funny subject line in when e-mailing me -- it says "Gushing Praise for MUG", or something like that. But what is up with people not changing the subject line even though they may not be e-mailing me gushing praise? I get so many e-mails that are just asking a question or something -- maybe people think that I filter my e-mail based on that subject line. I just might have to remove that little "feature" out of which I thought people would get a kick. Oh well.

-- What's up with the virus e-mails I'm getting? It started like a week ago -- I just started getting a bunch of random virus e-mails from people I didn't even know. But for some reason, during the brunt of the sobig/slammer attacks, I didn't get a single virus e-mail. Huh?!

-- If you're up for reading some political debate, or maybe even participating in some, head on over to the Political Discussion forum (FRRYYY to participate) over at . There's a lot of heated debate over a number of different subjects, but people tend to be civil most of the time. I frequent that forum a lot and like to participate, too. There's no need to be a Mac person, either; you can ignore the rest of the site, if you want. :) (BTW, you've registered to vote, right?)

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