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martedì, 2004-11-02; 01:31:00

This is going to be really long... let's see if I can finish.
venerdì, 2004-08-20; 09:17:00

Hooray for tidbits!
lunedì, 2004-06-21; 08:25:00

Movies, lyrics, trips, etc.
sabato, 2004-06-12; 01:19:00

giovedì, 2004-05-27; 09:01:00

More tidbits!
mercoledì, 2004-05-19; 02:20:00

Can you guess which sound goes with which tidbit?
venerdì, 2004-04-23; 01:33:00

What an awful movie
venerdì, 2004-04-09; 01:18:00

One seriously long tidbit entry!
lunedì, 2004-03-29; 01:25:00

I can just picture Baby Kitty smashing into a glass door. Ahahahaha.
giovedì, 2004-02-26; 12:49:00

Ready? Go!
lunedì, 2004-02-02; 11:48:00

Quoted by Paul Thurrott... is that a compliment or an insult?
venerdì, 2004-01-23; 03:11:00

Just some random things about which I've been wanting to write for a while.
lunedì, 2003-11-17; 12:08:00

I totally don't feel like doing any work this week. I wish I could just take a week off from school whenever I needed.
venerdì, 2003-10-17; 09:48:00

New sidebar links to my articles, iTunes for Windows is OUT!, and some political stuff
mercoledì, 2003-10-01; 10:04:00

A funny forum thread, and a funny site
mercoledì, 2003-09-17; 08:27:00

Tidbits that include more about my proposed INCLUDE tag, Google searching for pages that link to a specific page, bots that play music, and a hilarious Flash site.
lunedì, 2003-09-15; 09:58:00

domenica, 2003-09-14; 11:59:00

A funny game
martedì, 2003-09-02; 07:50:00

Just a short entry, since I'm so tired.
domenica, 2003-08-31; 11:38:00

Another random entry about random things.
sabato, 2003-08-23; 03:33:00

Yet another tidbits entry about a few things.
venerdì, 2003-08-15; 07:19:00

Just a short entry on the iMac's 5th birthday, and having the house to myself for a few days.
lunedì, 2003-08-11; 08:10:00

No, not the animal or the browser.
sabato, 2003-08-09; 02:11:00

Another tidbits entry about a proposed alternative to HTML frames, the (stupid) California recall, free software, and the Carbon vs. Cocoa debate that's "raging" in the Mac OS X community.
mercoledì, 2003-07-02; 07:08:00

Yes, yet another tidbits entry, about biking, the wonders of CSS web programming, and a pet peeve of mine that seems to pop up everywhere.
domenica, 2003-06-22; 04:39:00

Another tidbits post about flying in the Bay Area, some Weird Al Yankovic songs, some random humorous stuff, Slashdot, and, of course, the upcoming PowerMac G5, plus some interesting commentary about the iTunes Music Store.
martedì, 2003-06-17; 03:41:00

Yet another tidbits entry about a bunch of Mac stuff, and some more personal and political stuff.
martedì, 2003-06-10; 01:43:00

Just a really short blog entry about the end of finals and the long-awaited shipping of QuarkXPress 6.0.
lunedì, 2003-06-09; 03:22:00

Just another random log entry on various stuff, like the end of finals, an answer to Bryce's question about the lyrics of "Everything You Want" by Vertical Horizon, some cool hints at the upcoming PowerMac G5, and the mysterious disappearance of Charity.
mercoledì, 2003-06-04; 11:40:00

An entry after a brief hiatus, noting some problems with iBlog, and a note about finals week.
martedì, 2003-05-06; 09:34:00

Another post about random, unrelated things.
domenica, 2003-04-27; 09:35:00

Just a random post about this last week at school, Monday's announcement by Apple, and driving.
domenica, 2003-04-13; 09:37:00

Random thoughts, while I'm sleepy this morning due to some annoying circumstances...
mercoledì, 2003-04-02; 08:39:00

A random posting about some ridiculous arguments in support of the war in Iraq, a personal test-drive of a Segway, and a great website that has many humorous hoaxes.