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Saturday, 2003-11-22; 02:18:00

More tidbits!

In the spirit of posting song lyrics, I may as well continue the trend:

Dici che il fiume
Trova la via al mare
E come il fiume
Giungerai a me
Oltre i confini
E le terre assetate
Dici che come fiume
Come fiume...
L’amore giungera
E non so più pregare
E nell’amore non so più sperare
E quell’amore non so più aspettare

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This was kind of inspired by Bryce's blog entry, because the initial lyrics are similar to the ones he posted.


The last two weeks of the quarter are up and coming, and I've got a bunch of stuff to do that I haven't worked on at all. There's the whole "Reconnaissance Report" thing that I have to do for my hydrology class, which basically involves gathering a lot of data about a specific area. Needless to say, I haven't done any of it, and if I don't do any this weekend, I'm really going to be pressed for time with that project. It still remains to be seen if I do manage to get stuff done. Not that I'm going to Big Game or anything... I REALLY can't stand sitting for 4 hours in the stands watching only 1 hour of play. Ugh.

Anyway, I also have to whip up a quick 10-minute presentation for my geo class that went to GSA. That shouldn't be too hard, as long as I can find the abstracts of the talks (which supposedly were put online recently). I have to finish a GES 80 prob set by 5 on Monday (for which I already went to office hours to clear up some issues). And lastly, I have another small "outing" to San Francisquito Creek for my hydrology class on Sunday morning.

Other than that, not too much has been happening with school. I did have my second math midterm, which, despite being dumbed down because we're behind on the material, I didn't do nearly as well as I did on the first midterm (on which I got a 32.5 out of 30, because one problem was thrown out and I got the extra credit). I did forget to bring my book and calculator, though... those would've helped (our midterms are open-book, open-note). Well, I guess the two midterms will probably cancel out.

Incidentally, math has been quite fun this quarter. We're extending a lot of the algebraic theorems to the complex plane (i.e.: properties of sin^2 and cos^2, series expansion of sine and cosine), as well as using some other theorems that have to do with contour integrals and stuff. I'm definitely leaning towards double majoring in math as well, now.


Today (err, yesterday night :P ), I managed to get in some programming. It's nice to have some kind of hobby to fall back on when you don't want to do anything else. In any case, I managed to finally hook together all the prefs with the process history in MUG. Now I just have to revamp those awful history windows. I still think they look rather shoddy. The other thing is I've been working on a small new program to replace the emoticons in iChat. Currently I have the awesome Proteus emoticons installed into iChat. :) It's nice to have the (woot) emoticon when you need it. It's pretty cool -- it can even convert the plist files for Proteus .emoticons files to the required format that iChat can recognize. I'll probably sell it for $5, since it's not an incredible program, but it's cool nonetheless. I'm sure some people would be willing to pay $5 for it, and more money is always good. :)


Just a small comment on a recent Apple product: a 20" iMac?! I dunno about that... for $2199, that's incredibly expensive for an iMac. I'm curious as to whether anybody will buy this. If it had some other improved features over the 17" iMac, I would've considered buying it (if it was out when I was in the market for an iMac), but if the screen is the ONLY change and it makes the cost jump up $400, I don't think that's worth it. The other thing is that the 20" iMac is almost twice as heavy as the 15" iMac -- most likely to prevent it from tipping over. :)


Something about Wednesday's episode of Enterprise made me sort of depressed like I was earlier this week (I just saw it today). I suppose thorny, ethical issues never turn out well, but the episode was sad nonetheless. I'd venture to say that it's one of the best Enterprise episodes, despite it being kind of predictable.

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