Tidbits: iBlog Annoyances, Finals Week

Wednesday, 2003-06-04; 11:40:00

An entry after a brief hiatus, noting some problems with iBlog, and a note about finals week.

You may have noticed that I haven't been posting recently, this site was recently down, and that the comments have been erased.

Well, somehow, when upgrading to the latest beta of iBlog (1.3 beta 1), it erased all my data in the app. So today I finally got around to manually copying everything from the site (that was still intact) back into iBlog -- it didn't take too long since there haven't been too many blog entries, but it was still a pain.

Of course, I'm still probably not going to backup anyway. I haven't had a major loss in data at all, yet... I'm still waiting for that day. :)

The comments being erased is entirely unrelated -- the entry ID numbers for iBlog 1.3 are different from iBlog 1.2, and since the comment scripts rely on these numbers, they're no longer pointing to the same comments -- they're just pointing to blank entries, now. Commenting should still work and it should be preserved, until, of course, the IDs change again. I'm currently talking to the developer about this so that he implements a way to tie it to the blog entry number, rather than a random ID number, so that the comments will never be lost.


Anyway, I finished my huge Mars paper that I put off until about two days before -- miraculously, I still got it done, but I'm not really happy with it. It always annoys me how I procrastinate so much to the point that I can't turn in something of which I'm proud. Hmph. I might post it, depending on the grade I get in the class. :p

Well, the good thing is that it's done. So now I just have three finals and one small essay for Italian that should be pretty straightforward (I've already thought of a topic for it). I'm only really worried about the Physics 55 final now, but it'll probably end up fine.

I'm so glad that this year is almost over -- I'm really getting tired of it already. What pisses me off is that the number of units you are taking has no bearing on the amount of work you actually do in your classes -- physics and CS have totally dominated my schedule, and 17-18 units has been easily manageable before, whereas now I'm just about overwhelmed. Or was. I'm on the home stretch now, so that's good.

What's kind of scary is that in one week, I'll have finished half of my undergraduate college career, and I really don't have any idea about what I'm going to do after Stanford (graduate school is very likely, but like where I would go, what I would study, etc., etc.). I suppose I still have two more years to think about it, so I shouldn't stress now.

I'm already rambling, so I'll just shut up now and study for my Italian final tomorrow (like that's gonna happen anytime soon). If you still have finals left, good luck! If not, then boo on you!

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