Tidbits: Skiing, La Locandiera, Windows Fanboy

Monday, 2004-02-02; 11:48:00

Quoted by Paul Thurrott... is that a compliment or an insult?

Skiing was fun this past weekend -- we went to Heavenly. I can't remember the last time I went downhill skiing... it must have been like 4 or 5 years ago, and I'm positive I've only done it once. I had done cross-country skiing as a little kid, but that's way too tiring.

The pricing was relatively decent given that we got a group discount ($37 for the lift ticket, $16 for the ski rentals, $3 for insurance, $10 for lunch, and $4 that I paid for toll fees when driving up and back. $70 isn't bad for a full day of fun.

I went skiing with one of my dormmates. It was pretty cool because she's a relative beginner at skiing too, so we were at the same skill level. So we just spent the day going down all the green runs (green = easy, blue = moderate, black = hard). It was really cool, because I picked up skiing pretty quickly again, and I didn't have to go through all the rigamarole of actually LEARNING how to do it. :) I fell a bunch of times, mainly because I tended to go really fast because it was so much fun, but I didn't lose control that much. There was just this one annoying curve in Maggie's run before which I got up a bunch of speed, and then I always lost control trying to slow down or turn the curve. Arg. Oh, well, it was fun anyway.

The other thing that was cool was there was a freestyle run where there were rails for snowboarders and also some mounds that you could ski/board off of and get some air. At the end I ventured to try going slowly up one of the jumps and I was off the ground for a little bit. The third time I did it I went a little faster... that was pretty exciting, for a beginner like me. :D

We were pretty lucky, because we caught the best day to go skiing. It was sunny, virtually no clouds, and the day before and the day after weren't that great. One of the skiiers at Heavenly who sat with us on the ski lift said that it was really windy the day before. I'm glad the weather cooperated. We also played a few games of Mafia over at the cabin, which was really fun, too (they took much longer than usual, due to all the bickering between players :) ).

But I guess we're back to the usual grind. *sigh*


I figured I would mention that we actually found someone to help play Il Cavaliere (the Baron), so I'll only be acting for 2 out of the 3 acts of the Italian play that our house is putting on. I'm going to be doing the second two acts, so I'll get to do the grand exit. It's actually kind of a relief, because I haven't started memorizing my lines and the play is on March 5th -- just scarcely over a month to memorize two acts of lines.... *gasp*


One last tidbit. I don't know if I should be shocked or pleased with being quoted by one of the most adamant Windows fanboys on the planet. I probably shouldn't link to him either, but there it is. As for a response, I'll let my co-worker's article say it all.

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