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Sunday, 2003-04-27; 09:35:00

Just a random post about this last week at school, Monday's announcement by Apple, and driving.

Ugh, it's already Sunday. Last week was SO hectic. I had a CS project, physics problem set, and a physics midterm all due (or taking place) on Friday. What really made it hectic, though, was that when I first attempted my CS program, it was getting errors all over the place and I wasn't able to finish it that night (Tuesday), which meant I had much less time on Thursday to do my problem set and study for the midterm on Friday. I finally did get it to compile and run correctly, though, which seemed almost like an impossible goal Thursday at 6.

Luckily the due date for my physics problem set got pushed back to Monday at 4 PM (that's tomorrow), and my midterm went fairly well -- I printed out the practice midterm in the morning and I was looking at it while walking and through CS class, and, lucky for me, three problems on the midterm were very similar to three on the practice midterm.

I did manage to get my Physics lab report done today and turned in just at 5 PM, though -- I've turned it in late the past few times, but it seems our grader is OK with that. At least that's out of my hair. But I still have to finish the physics problem set (ugh) and do some geo homework tomorrow. It's going to be busy tomorrow. :\

As for Apple's announcement, rumors have it that the price is indeed going to be around $1/song, and that albums are going to go for about $10. I would definitely go for buying $10 albums and not worry about the CD case or CD itself, because they're very inconvenient, and because they normally go for $15-$18. When you buy a lot of music, that difference can add up quite a bit.

Also rumored is that there IS going to be DRM (digital rights management) included with the downloaded songs, but that it's going to be fairly non-restrictive. You can play the music on up to 3 computers, you can transfer it to your iPod normally using iTunes, and you'll be able to burn CDs. If that's true, sign me up! You, of course, won't be able to e-mail it and such to other people. But although I frown upon having any DRM at all, I guess we have to appease the RIAA somehow, and I doubt I would ever need to play the same song on more than 1 computer. Plus, if I ever have to, there's always WireTap. :D

We have less than 1.5 days until the announcement (most likely, anyway), so get ready! :)

In other news, today was the first time I was in a moving car that was not eligible for the carpool lane. (For those of you who are not smart enough to figure out what that sentence means, it simply means that tonight was the first time I drove with no one else in the car.) It's kind of cool that I'm now able to drive without anyone needing to be there. :) Of course, there's always the issue of actually HAVING a car. :p

Lastly, here's a new piece of music that's techno-y/trance-y . The lyrics aren't anything special, but I like it anyway. Here it is:

"Naive Song", by Mirwais
[SNIP: "Naive Song" by Mirwais]

Hope you like it. :)

Alla prossima volta!

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