Tidbits: Oof, Ow, Yay

Wednesday, 2004-05-19; 02:20:00

Can you guess which sound goes with which tidbit?

Yikes this is a hectic week. I'm leaving on a geo field trip Thursday afternoon that lasts until Monday night. I have to get my gear together for that trip as well as finish a field guide for the same trip, finish a structure lab, a volcanology lab, two problem sets, finish my honors thesis proposal, and do some other random things before I leave. My structure lab is done (*phew*), I think I'm going to skip class in the morning and do my thesis proposal then because I want my advisor to look at it briefly tomorrow (stats and linguistics are disposable anyway -- ack, look what kind of student I'm becoming!). Hopefully I'll be able to do the lab and problem sets tomorrow, otherwise I'm gonna be in bad shape. And here I am procrastinating at 2:30 in the morning. I really bring all of this upon myself.


My teeth hurt. Very much. Stupid orthodontist. Apparently my permanent retainer had a bonding broken, and I only noticed it when my dentist told me about it the other day. Because of that broken bonding (that probably was there for many months), my teeth moved, so I have to wear a straightener for about 3 weeks. It hurts as much as the time I first wore those teeth position correctors back when I was 8 or whatever. This is on top of all the stress I already have this week. Figures.


At least one good thing happened this week -- I got my iMac back from the shop, and the DVD drive seems to be working fine (I'm burning a DVD right now :) ). It's funny though, because my mouse won't work anymore, so I have to wait for the Apple Store to get a new one to replace my defunct one. Luckily someone in the dorm was kind enough to let me borrow their USB mouse for a few days.

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