Apple Bug Friday May Madness: XXXIX-XLIV

Sunday, 2006-05-14; 22:43:00

XXXIX: This bug is aggravating. Sometimes when going to the main pages of my weblogs, .mac serves up a 0 KB blank file instead. It can be frustrating, too, because you can reload the page multiple times and only get the real page on the 6th time or something. Is anybody else using a .mac account having this problem? I've noticed this problem for a few months now, but it hasn't always been so. Filed: 4547901.

XL: Preview does not respect resolution lines that are present in PostScript images. This is a duplicate of a bug reported by Peter Hosey (who gave me the stylesheet switching buttons at the top of the page). In an EPS file, you can add a "%%Requirements: resolution(x,y)" line to specify the resolution of the image, but Preview seems to ignore this line. Filed: 4547912.

XLI: In the Finder, you can optionally have info about all items display under the filenames. For example, the total size and free space on a volume can be displayed on the desktop. However, if this information is too long, it gets truncated by an ellipsis. The bug is that if it's truncated, you can't use the typical option-hover method to see the full text of the info line: this only works for the file or folder name. Filed: 4547917.

Screenshot of Finder Info Label Bug
XLII: Tooltips in Safari disappear after a while, even if you're still hovering over an applicable object. As an example, visit the Dinosaur Comics homepage and hover over the current comic. You should get some snide remark in a tooltip. :) However, if you keep hovering, you'll notice that the tooltip eventually goes away, which can be annoying if the tooltip has lots of text. (Yes I used Dinosaur Comics as an example in the bug description. :) ) Filed: 4547941.

XLIII: This one is a little obscure. However, you need to find an application that has the "Unified Toolbar" look -- the one where the title bar seems to encompass the toolbar of the application as well. Acquisition (the latest version anyway) is a good example. Now, when the toolbar is visible (make sure text labels are shown as well), hide the toolbar and then immediately unhide it again. If you look carefully at the button labels in the toolbar now, you'll notice they're not antialiased as they should be. If you switch to another window, they immediately become antialiased.

This problem doesn't seem to happen with normal Aqua windows (that don't have the Unified Toolbar look), but it does seem to happen with brushed metal windows. In a brushed metal Finder window, if you have the toolbar to show icons only, and then change it to icon and labels, you'll see the same effect -- the button labels aren't antialiased. It's particularly noticeable in background Finder windows, where it looks downright ugly.

Minor problem, but would be nice if it were fixed. Filed: 4547944.

Non-antialiased Toolbar Buttons
XLIV: In Mac OS X Mail, if you hover over a link, Mail eventually pops up a tooltip that will show you the actual URL of the link. This doesn't happen in iChat. Ideally, this should be a system-wide feature for any application that uses hyperlinks in the standard manner, not an application-specific feature. I'm gonna classify this as a Security problem, but it'll likely be moved to the Enhancement category like my other similar bug. Filed: 4547948.

Just a few other notes: first, I didn't notice until now that iTunes has jumped to version 6.0.4. It seems that this was the result of a previous Front Row update (not the most recent Front Row 1.2.2 update, but a previous one). Maybe that finally fixed the inability to scrub in the mini-iTunes window?

About that Front Row 1.2.2 update, though: it fixed the navigation through the Monsters Inc. Bonus Materials DVD. So that means that another of my pet bugs has been fixed! We're up to 5 definitely fixed bugs out of ... 48 (including the four non-ABF ones that I had filed). Yay Apple and your... 10.4% fixing rate! :P

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