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Saturday, 2006-06-24; 03:20:00

So, I found another cool flash game (via digg): 3D Logic. All you have to do is connect the various colored squares on three sides of a cube (varying in size from 3x3 to 6x6), without having the different colored lines cross one another. The rules are simple, but the levels can get really complicated. But it's still fun. The way you color the various squares is kind of cool too -- the cube automatically rotates based on where your mouse is, but you also click to color a square with your mouse, so the squares nearest your pointer are always the largest targets. In this fashion, you can actually drag a whole line of colored squares across all three sides of the cube quite easily without lifting up the mouse button.

The only annoying thing about this game is it doesn't seem to save your progress. So when you close the browser window, you'll have to start over from level 1. (There seems to be a flash download too, but I don't know where to find the standalone Flash Player, and it doesn't seem to work with the Flash Player provided by N.) Keep this in mind when you're playing -- you'll have to finish all 30 levels in one sitting (which may take a few hours, depending on how well you do with puzzles like this; I finished them all in probably an hour or so).

Well, actually, you can rely on pictures of the solutions to get you back to where you last left off. You can find them all at http://homepage.mac.com/simx/.Pictures/3dlogic/level##.gif , where ## is the level number as a two-digit number. Don't look at them if you haven't solved them yet, though, because that's no fun. :P (I started taking pictures because I accidentally closed the window, and then level 16, which I had already passed relatively quickly, was vexing me when trying to beat it for the second time. :P )

Another flash game that I really like is Reflections. I originally encountered it in 2003 when it was all the rage in my dorm. However, it quickly became popular on the intarwebnet, and then it switched over to a paid service, which really sucked. The link above is a free one, but it may just be a very good clone: it seems to only have 25 levels, whereas the screenshots I took of the solutions to the first 24 levels back in 2003 clearly show that there were 28 levels. There are also very subtle differences in at least one of the levels (but all of my solutions still work), and you can't drag pieces back to the piece box, which I recall you could in the original version. I dunno what happened to the last 3 levels, but I haven't yet attempted to beat the last level in the linked version.

Because this game provides passwords to the levels, I won't be publishing the solutions here. :P

(Can you tell that I really love flash puzzle games yet?)

So, you may have seen the 2 purported screenshots of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard on the web (direct link 1, directly link 2).

While the refined interface, virtual workspaces, tabbed Finder windows, new Address Book+iCal app, and native Windows application support would be nice features (barring the last one :P ), I think this sums up the situation pretty well (via the Unsanity weblog). Too bad I didn't create that myself. ;)

(Seriously, how many times can the Mac community get duped by fake Mac OS X screenshots?)

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