Apple to Launch New Zealand iTunes and Online Apple Stores Tomorrow

Tuesday, 2006-12-05; 10:56:00

I woke up this morning and I noticed that I had one Apple Press Release in my RSS feed and a similar one in my Apple Hot News feed about Apple launching the New Zealand online Apple Store and iTunes Store. The Press Release feed item has no entry, but directs you to the URL if you want to read more. The Hot News feed item has a summary that states:

Apple today launched the iTunes Store in New Zealand, giving New Zealanders access to outstanding local music and the same innovative features, breakthrough pricing and seamless integration with iPod that have made iTunes the most popular music jukebox and online music store in the world. Apple today also opened the online Apple Store New Zealand, where customers can quickly and conveniently purchase Apple’s complete lineup of innovative products.

The Hot News item also directs you to the same URL as above if you want to read more. Interestingly, if you actually go to the URL, it doesn't actually bring you to a valid press release. [UPDATE: Now it does.] More interestingly, none of the major Mac rumor sites have picked up on it.

If you look at other press release URLs, we can deduce that Apple accidentally jumped the gun by a day. The Core 2 Duo MacBook press release has a URL of when it was released on November 8, the iTunes Latino press release has a URL of when it was released on November 1. Given that the URL for the aborted press release in my feed has a number of "06" preceding the name of the HTML file, it was probably meant for tomorrow, not today.

So it looks like all those New Zealanders will finally have an answer to their complaints about no iTunes Store or online Apple store -- they'll just have to wait one more measly day.

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