Mac birthday, E-mail Change

Monday, 2005-01-24; 00:55:00

Looking into the future...

So it's the Mac's 21st birthday. I'm always glad that it's still around... I would sooner switch to Linux than to Windows, but even that's a load of crap to deal with. Anyway, here's to hoping that 2005 will be a market-share increaser for the Mac, what with the Mac mini and the iMac G5.

Also, just so you guys all know, after June, my stanford [dawt] edu address will expire and no longer function. However, my mac [dawt] com address will remain functioning until at least July 9, 2012 (apparently, that's PST ;) ). So if you're used to e-mailing me, please make sure you update your address book so that it will have my functioning address past June.

(Of course, if I actually come back to Stanford grad school, which is a possibility, then it will still function. But that's not for sure at this point.)

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