Apple Bug Friday XII: White Bars in Safari's RSS Feed View

Monday, 2005-10-31; 02:44:00

It's time for Apple Bug Sometime-But-Not-Too-Long-After-Friday!

White Bars in Safari's RSS Feed View
See above screenshot. This usually only happens when there's a photo in the feed entry, or when the feed entry is especially long. Sometimes the white bar doesn't appear on first load, so reload the page (while in feed view) to get the white bar to show up. Filed as bug #4322243.

Note that I contemplated posting this in the WebKit Bugzilla database, but decided against it because this is likely just a problem with Safari's interface, not with the underlying WebKit framework.

Oh, yeah, and my bug from last week is still open. And if Mac OS X 10.4.3 does come out soon, as expected, then I hope to do a rundown of the bugs I've reported and whether they're still in the latest release.

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