Leopard Tech Talk Wrap-Up

Monday, 2006-12-04; 01:43:00

Things I learned at the Leopard Tech Talk on Friday, in no particular order:

  • when Apple says "San Francisco", they actually mean "Burlingame"
  • when the Embassy Suites say, "you can have the rooms 'til 6 PM as scheduled", they actually mean "oh, we'll just kick you out an hour ahead of time because we screwed up"
  • Sal Soghoian: you are fucking hilarious
  • adding AppleScript support is all about, quoting Soghoian, "$$$$$$$$$$$$" (may not reflect actual number of dollar signs in presentation slide)
  • how to add AppleScript support to your application
  • even developers who went to WWDC found the Tech Talk useful
  • various anecdotes about the transition to Mac OS X for certain developers (including PGP and some scanning software)
  • Apple is very serious about this whole resolution independence thang
  • when you bring your code to an Apple developer conference on an iPod, remember to bring an iPod cable
  • it's quite worth it to purchase new shoes so that your feet don't hurt just by standing up
  • requesting spun-off threads to terminate from the main thread is difficult
  • it kinda sucks when the free lunch doesn't have a vegetarian option, but I can deal with it
  • Apple is doing some awesome, awesome things with Leopard
  • the Mac evangelist team at Apple is a really amiable bunch of very knowledgeable people
  • NDAs suck because I can't reveal cool things that are happening in Leopard, but I won't be the one to break it
  • I have to figure out a really cool application that takes advantage of Leopard technologies, for undisclosed reasons
  • remember to make sure the backlight on the 6-year-old laptop you're borrowing doesn't blink, and that the battery holds a charge longer than an hour
  • that it would be nice if Caltrain had plugs so that you could charge your laptop's ailing battery
  • that Apple really does look at bug reports filed in their radar system: the more bug reports filed for a certain enhancement request gives the evangelist team more ammo to push for its implementation
  • free developer conferences, even if they last for just a day, rock
  • that even though you never received a confirmation e-mail for the event after signing up, that you should just go and you'll end up having a great time anyway

Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. Leopard Tech Talks: highly recommended.

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