Could Apple Switching to Intel be True?!

Friday, 2005-06-03; 18:25:00

CNET is reporting that Apple is going to announce a switch to Intel processors on Monday. I hope this isn't true. This isn't because that I have a certain affinity towards one processor or another (well, personally I'd like to believe that all the hype about the megahertz myth that Apple was feeding us was true), but just for the fact that this is going to create a *BIG* problem with regards to applications. Not only is it going to suck in terms of emulating old PowerPC applications that won't be updated for the new architecture, but it's going to alienate a lot of customers. I don't think Apple can survive a switch in processor architectures.

I'm just skeptical as to why Apple would do this in the middle of a time when they seem to be gaining steam. This'll just stop that trend.

We'll see.

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