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Friday, 2005-09-02; 02:45:00

Mmm... web standards... *drools like Homer*

OK, so I lied. It seems that there IS an RSS feed template for iBlog that you can edit, meaning that I could, in theory, fix that one warning that I previously talked about. However, doing so forces the feed to be ASCII text, and since iBlog does not translate accented characters to their encoded HTML counterparts, it means the feed will not validate (since there's currently an "à" in the feed). So I'm STILL not fixing the encoding warning displayed when validating my feed -- as the page says, my feed is still valid. :)

I also completed the redesign of my other weblog (both language versions are now updated with the new design). The design is almost exactly the same, except the color scheme is a dark blue one instead of a dark red one (I also really like dark blue as a color). The only other difference is that the category images I used needed more massaging to get in the right place. The category images, themselves, are an entirely different matter.. they looked fine with my previous somewhat-crappy-looking design, but now that I have a cleaner design, those category images need to go. Anybody have any suggestions? I'm thinking the category images should be monochrome as well (probably just black and white), but I'm not sure if I could find appropriate ones or if I could make them myself with my l33t Appleworkz sk1llz. Meh, whatever.

Next project... redesign my ACTUAL homepage, maybe? -- like my weblogs, I think it's sorely in need of a design update. Maybe I could make it validate as well (yes, the initial page validates, but others don't)? (Or perhaps I should see if I can modify the appearance of the comment discussion pages so that it looks more like my weblog. That would be cool.) Another project: get a domain name, so that I can implement searching via Google (you can do searches such as "oogabooga", but it doesn't work for subdirectories).

Incidentally, I have two cookies to offer someone (or one cookie to offer to each of two someones). First cookie: figure out why the navbar is pushed over to the left on the category pages of the Italian version of my non-technology weblog (example), but not on the same category page of my English version (analogous page). For the life of me I can't figure it out. No, you don't get to post speculation and expect me to do the work -- boil it down to exactly what causes the problem.

Second cookie: remember the feed warning I talked about last entry and earlier in this entry? Well, the warning isn't there for the RSS feed for the English version of my non-technology weblog! Compare this to the validation page for the Italian version. I've checked the XML file for the RSS feed, and the file is still reporting as UTF-8, which means that the .mac server is sending a UTF-8 encoding message only for my English feed, but a US ASCII encoding message for my Italian feed. WTF? Why does the server do this, or is some other problem at fault?

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