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Tuesday, 2006-07-25; 03:54:00

The Daily Show and Colbert Report episodes for today were available during the actual airing

[UPDATE 2: Wednesday -- Daily Show available 20 minutes before show aired, Colbert Report available 25 minutes before show aired. Thursday -- Daily Show available 8 minutes after the end of the airing, Colbert Report available 6 minutes after the end of the airing. I hope this keeps up into the following weeks!]

[UPDATE: Today's (Tuesday) Daily Show was available a full hour before the airing on Comedy Central, while the Colbert Report was available 8 minutes into the airing. Interesting.]

While not an official feature, I was sort of shocked to see my "new episode" e-mails for the Daily Show and Colbert Report today. Since the Daily Show and Colbert Report air at 11 PM and 11:30 PM respectively on Comedy Central, the downloadable episodes from iTunes typically are available the next day at least around noon or so. So my shock comes at this:

Daily Show Reminder E-Mail
Colbert Report Reminder E-Mail

The Daily Show episode was available at 11:15, when the actual airing of the show on Comedy Central was still going on! Similarly, the Colbert Report episode was available just 6 minutes into the actual airing. If I had caught the e-mail in time, I would've likely been able to download and watch yesterday's episode of the Colbert Report before the actual airing finished, since iTunes doesn't have commercials.

It's only been one day, so it might be a fluke. It's also not earth-shattering, but it's interesting to note that Apple really is serious with this whole downloadable TV thing. It might actually get me to actually watch TV, while not actually watching it.

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